Carré Curieux, Cirque vivant!

Le Carré Curieux

Though everything else seems to push them apart, one thing draws them together: An insatiable curiousity!
Bodies that stretch and twist, a pole that refuses to remain vertical, balls defying the principals of physics, a shy diabolo provide the means and motivation for their encounter.
At first playful and almost too naive, the characters' interactions intensify, and limits are crossed.
The limits of the body, and those of the heart...
The unusual brotherhood of this quartet makes us question: What does one think of the others’ flaws and how does one come to terms with his own?
With an acrobatic tenderness, the four create their own outlines, disassemble, recreate… and fly off…
It's all remarkably... Curieux!


Theater Show - frontal.
All public.
65 minutes.

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