Carré Curieux, Cirque vivant!

Famille Choisie

We became a family. A chosen family..

After a collective show in 2008 and then 6 others in all possible styles (duo, solos, in- and outdoors, in churches...), we decided to gather again for an ambitious project in a tent.

This show is directed by Titoune Krall, from Cirque Trottola (Fr)
The four co-founders of the company will appear on stage.
Square tent. Square stage. « Curieux » show.     

We invite the audience into our place. A place where 4 friends have been living together for so long that they became a family. A strange family in a weird house, with its own rituals and habits.
As in our previous works, we want to speak about living together. An endless issue, almost too simple, but that always has been our raw material.
This sentence might summarize it all :
« We are not here to understand each other, we're here to love and hate each other, just like any normal family ! »

We tell no story : we share a few moments of our fantasy. A minimalistic circus. Circus of feelings.

The show is made of memories, dreams and parties !
Funny, but always with a certain feeling of awkwardness...
A silence in the middle of a family dinner
A look between brother and sister, saying more than thousand words
Two men cuddling, genuinly cuddling
Tenderness. Power. Poetry.

Why in a tent ?
Firstly, our tent isn't a real circustent. It's a strange house. All red with black lines, just like a children's drawing. It is our « Maison Curieuse », our curious house. We've always been fascinated by inviting the audience to feel at home. Now it litteraly happens. We wanted something direct as in the street, intimate like in theatres. The tent offered us the perfect balance. Welcome !

In this project, our « real » families will also be on tour. 15 people on the road, form 2 to 55.
A big « Famille Choisie ».

show under a self sustained tent ( 15m x 15m x H7m). 250 sits. Easier to build up in cities than classical circustents.

65 min.
4 artists.
Circus disciplines : juggling with kites, acrobatics, rope, unicycle, soap bubbles, diabolo, aerial acrobatics...

For all audiences form 6 year old.

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