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Derniers Instants...

"Last Instants ..." is an ode to life.

A mysterious doctor approaches a young patient who seems immured in his suffering:

Between them, Balls and diabolo-tops will provide both a therapy and a vibrating pretext.

This creates a playful and joyful dialogue between prowess and magic.

Luca Aeschlimann and Vladimir Couprie play their differences as a sensitive complementary.

You will find a sacred moment.


Act for indoors, outdoors in the evening or circus top.
All publics.
7,30 minutes.
Creation and interpretation: Luca AESCHLIMANN and Vladimir COUPRIE.
Coaching: Philippe VANDE WEGHE.
Original music: Mark DEHOUX.
Costume design: Benoit ESCARMELLE.
Light design: Philippe VANDE WEGHE and Reynaldo RAMPERSSAD.
Costume tailor: Catherine PIQUERAY and Aline BREUCKER.
Technical Contact: Luca Aeschlimann
luca (at)
+32 (0) 474 66 39 76
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